Halo Craft 's Story

Since the year 2004, Halo Craft has stepped into the realm of the aromatic. We started from the aromatic handmade candles.

With the finest materials and high-skilled techniques, Halo Craft's Candle createds unique & eye-catching designs.

In the year 2007 Halo Craft's products catagory gradually expand to other home fragrance products (essential oil, reed diffuser,perfume sachet, etc.) Not so long after, because of the high quality and facinating package designs, we were well known not only Thai customers but also many foreign importers.

Today we also provide the skin care products and spa products for our customers such as natural soap, moisturizing body lotion, hand cream, lip balm, massage oil, massage candle, body perfume. And we try very hard to use the natural materials for producing Halo Craft's products.

Now you can discover another level of aromatic moment at Halo Craft's shops.

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